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Parker Chair

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  • Parker Dining Chair Series featuring Upholstered Seat/Back with Metal Frame
  • 18.25" Seat Height Dining Chair

    With a seat height of 18.25", the Parker Dining Chair measures a total of 21.1" wide by 28.7" high 

  • Deep Brown faux leather upholstery

    The Parker, featuring an open-back seat wrapped in deep brown faux leather, makes not only for a comfortable seating option but also a visually enticing addition to any space and setting. 

  • Sturdy Solid Metal Frame

    Braced by a solid, pipe style metal frame with a gold satin finish, the Parker chair is stable and exceptionally sturdy. 

  • Modern/Elegant Design

    Prudently designed to uplift modern spaces, the Parker chair flaunts a sleek silhouette, with subtle curves and clean lines. 

  • No Assembly Required

    Delivered pre-assembled, the Parker is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.